H2Owen Pool Chemical Suppliers and Maintenance in Paphos, Peyia, Chloraka Cyprus

leak detection and pressure testing

Is your pool losing more water than normal? You may have a leak! 

If you believe your pool is leaking then look no further than H2Owen to detect your leak! H2Owen are prepared for any type of leak detection work, thanks to our sophisticated, calibrated equipment! We use Anderson pressure testing equipment and Leaktronics equipment, both widely used in America. We are also able to dive the pool and perform a dye test.

H2Owen tests the pipework first, which will confirm or negate the possibility of a pipe leak. We use fast acting specialized test plugs and pressure induction systems.

If the suspected leak isn’t the pipework then the testing moves to the pool structure, where we submerge waterproof microphones in your pool and listen for leaks with headphones so that we can hear the slightest sound variations. We add dye to the water to confirm the location and extent of the leak.

Leak detection is a specialized business, and these types of repairs to a pool are not comparable to what you pay for pool cleaning services. Therefore, H2Owen understand that it is vital to accurately discover where the leak is.


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