H2Owen Pool Chemical Suppliers and Maintenance in Paphos, Peyia, Chloraka Cyprus


Your local pool cleaning and chemical supplier

Why we are better than the rest –

     * Experience gained over the years

     * Knowledge of the workings of a pool, the chemicals and the parts required to keep it running smoothly

     * Trust.  Knowing that when you ask for your pool to be cleaned twice a week we will do exactly that, whether you are here in Cyprus or not

We use photometer testing kits to provide an accurate reading, better enabling us to administer the correct chemicals every time.

We use only high quality European chemicals for better results

We provide training not only for our own staff but for other pool cleaners too.  We are the trainers for the CIMSPA National Pool Plant Operators Certificate.

Great prices on new liners and filters! 

Our service to you...

  • Visit twice weekly increasing if required during summer or heavy usage

  • Inspect pumps

  • Clean the water level line

  • Vacuum and/or sweep pool

  • Clean filter baskets and pump filter baskets

  • Backwash sand filters as required by usage

  • Replace water at 30 litres a day per bather

  • Test water every visit for PH and free chlorine levels

  • Weekly test for cyanuric acid levels, calcium levels, total dissolved solids, alkalinity levels and a water balance test

  • Add chemicals as and when required

  • Add a coagulant

  • Clear out pool levels drains weekly

  • Arrange water level top up when required

  • A regular pool room log on testing and chemicals added

Estimated Monthly charge for an 8m x 4m pool
€85 per month - including chemicals

Call us on
(00357) 96 511 388 or (00357) 97 697 305