H2Owen Pool Chemical Suppliers and Maintenance in Paphos, Peyia, Chloraka Cyprus

About Us

H2Owen, owned and managed by Mike Owen (RoPPP registered 2008/4/1288/PPO) started from a small apartment in Paphos and as with many businesses in Cyprus, they offered pool maintenance, gardening, villa cleaning and generally everything to do with the tourism industry and ex-pat lifestyle. However they soon realised that their unique selling point was the specialist pool plant and chemical expertise acquired in the UK so made the decision to concentrate in this one area.  They have never looked back.

Before the H2Owen business was born, few pool cleaners on the island seemed to recognise the importance of the different effects stabilised and unstablised chlorine had on swimming pools and testing the pool water with anything other than the simple dip strips was virtually unheard of.

Mike addressed the issues of Cyanuric Acid and hard water problems that had not been tackled before and using the latest technology in Photometric water testing, unravelled many uncertainties surrounding water balance and sanitation.

With his hunger for knowledge and expertise, which to this day is unwavering, he has trained and successfully installed a team of CIMSPA qualified pool maintainers alongside the chemical supplying outlets.


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Pool Maintenance & Chemical Supplies

  • FREE water testing using Lovibond photometers
  • European liner replacements
  • Leak detection and pressure testing
  • Affordable LED replacement bulbs
  • Water supplies
  • Sand changes
  • Filter & pump replacements