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Leak Detection and Pressure Testing


leak detection and pressure testing


Is your pool losing more water than normal? You may have a leak! 


Electronic Leak Detection & Listening Devices using Leaktronic latest Equipment

H2Owen are the leading swimming pool leak detection company in the Paphos region.  We carry the world's most advanced leak detection technology from Leaktronics and Anderson. Our high powered leak listening devices allow us to find pipe leaks deep underground and even under cement slabs.  These listening devices are not limited to underground plumbing and can also be used to locate many other types of leaks in and around your pool, spa, and water features. With our highly sensitive pool scopes and pipe mics we can find your leak without draining your pool.

If you call H2Owen, The Leak Specialists you can rest assured we will come prepared to tackle any swimming pool, spa, or water feature leak issue you may have. With our high tech leak detection equipment combined with pressure testing, dye testing and visual inspection we will leave no leak unfound.


Swimming Pool Pressure Testing

When a pipe is suspected to be leaking, pressure testing is the only way to know for certain if it does or doesn't have an issue. If the pipe passes the pressure test we know for sure it is leak free. If the pipe fails the pressure test we know without a doubt it is leaking. This is extremely useful during the leak detection process. Our team is fully capable of pressure testing even the most multifarious plumbing systems including domestic, complex and hotel pools


Dye Testing and Visual Inspection

Sometimes low-tech is the best option and occasionally that means getting into the pool. The team at H2Owen have three qualified divers who will suit up and dye test your pool, spa, or water feature  trouble areas. Dye testing seems a lot more simple than it actually is. If untrained it is easy to miss a leak that is literally right in front of you . Our team from H2owen will perform a thorough dye test and visual inspection both around your pool and also underwater. This will include the main drain and using the latest light cover dye test plate, your lights
When we then combine our dye testing, visual inspection together with our high tech equipment to determine where the leak is. There is no leak that H2owen cannot find.


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